Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Start Packing

There is no harm in dreaming... It starts with a dream, then you make it your goal. Goals where we have to work hard so as to convert them to reality. But it needs hard work and dedication.
Dreams converted to realities are the best prize for hard work. So I better start packing right now so that this dream will seem tangible... 

New dreams, new paths and new friends.... Just part of this new adventure that I am embarking right now. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Ever since I can remember, I have always loved books. My fondest memories are those times when my mother brought me to the public library and then going to shops to go book hunting. Thrift shops, second hand books, it doesn't matter.. For Christmas, I would reward myself with a few pocketbooks. I am no intellecual, I am not interested in books that require mental calesthenics. For me, it is a form of escape and relaxation where you go to places only the most imaginative minds can think of. Sometimes, I get paasionate on one author at a time. As a mother myself, it would really be nice if one or both my boys share this same passion with me but I doubt it... :-) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Made in China

Ni Hao Ma? That is one of the first Chinese words that I carried with me upon going to Beijing, China. Who would have thought that I will be stepping on one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the only man made structure visible on the moon....
Also, I never expected that climbing it could prove so difficult.  I envy the old Chinese people walking as if it's just a walk in the park and here I am, young, robust and healthy trying to catch my breath and aiming for just one step at a time... 

The vastness and awe-inspiring structure of Tiananmen Square held me spellbound. It's story captured the bookworm in me. The beauty of the place, hides stories that can be hard to fathom -  no wonder it is commonly called the "Forbidden City". The blood spilled among its floors, the hundreds and even more concubines hidden behind its doors, is indeed eclipsed by the beauty of the structure. 
Strolling in Tiananmen Square on a rainy day with a 10 degrees Celsius temperature is no easy task. But you don't think about the cold as we stand mesmerized by the beauty of it all. 

The Empress' Banquet was served....We were given this special gift of Cheongsam/Changshan specially made for us in the silk factory where actual silkworms were used to craft these artwork. It couldn't be called simply a blouse or a costume because of the craftsmanship and skills involved in making this masterpiece is really inspiring.  
I was rattled when we were offered this gift and asked to wear it during our Empress' banquet dinner since I didn't bring anything to pair it with, thankfully, being a girl scout deep inside, I wore my column dress inside with the Cheongsam on top. Nobody knew that was another whole new outfit underneath... 

Feeling so excited as to what awaits this royal banquet, we were quite taken by surprise with the feast that was served at our table. There were duck and chicken tongue, camel, abalone, and a whole lot of food we can't even pronounce... Thank God for our friends from HongKong who asked the servers about the food... Although there were a few that were familiar and appetizing to our palates, it was still a banquet that deserves total respect.  But, if this is what is served at an Empress' Banquet, thank God I am just a simple Filipino and a Cebuana which means Lechon and Puso (Hanging Rice) served at our table is a feast in itself already. 
But all in all, the fun we had that night was really grand. We get to borrow some traditional Chinese costumes and have our pictures taken.  We get to see performers that are really entertaining that the food served at the table was just a very minor setback as compared to the time spent among colleagues who have now become friends.  

Who says that stuff labeled "MADE IN CHINA" doesn't last long? I beg to differ. The memories I had that were Made in China, certainly has a lifetime guarantee.  It was an experience worth repeating but my best advice would be spend it with a loved one or friends and find the nearest KFC. :-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dressing for Fun

As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed dressing up as someone whom I was not. In my early years, I played a doll dancing with my owner... 

Thank God for company theme parties that I was able to dress up like one of my favorite Disney Character - Jasmin of Aladdin. 

For the superheroes-themed party, I decided to go against the tide and dress as the Villain Poison Ivy who was Batman's nemesis.  

Dressing up does not necessarily mean following the norms of fashion. As long as you have fun, who cares what anybody says. The important thing is that you are comfortable at what you do and most importantly it makes you happy.. 

I am also lucky that I have a Mom and Aunts who share my views and are good seamstresses... It doesn't have to cost a lot, sometimes its just hiding inside your closet and your just bound by your imagination..

Isn't dressing up a lot of FUN??? You get to play a character and get away with it... :-)