Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dressing for Fun

As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed dressing up as someone whom I was not. In my early years, I played a doll dancing with my owner... 

Thank God for company theme parties that I was able to dress up like one of my favorite Disney Character - Jasmin of Aladdin. 

For the superheroes-themed party, I decided to go against the tide and dress as the Villain Poison Ivy who was Batman's nemesis.  

Dressing up does not necessarily mean following the norms of fashion. As long as you have fun, who cares what anybody says. The important thing is that you are comfortable at what you do and most importantly it makes you happy.. 

I am also lucky that I have a Mom and Aunts who share my views and are good seamstresses... It doesn't have to cost a lot, sometimes its just hiding inside your closet and your just bound by your imagination..

Isn't dressing up a lot of FUN??? You get to play a character and get away with it... :-) 

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